BANOVA® FLEX - Flexible balsa plywood veneer panels

BANOVA® FLEX, the world’s most lightweight and most flexible plywood made of balsa veneers. BANOVA® FLEX is a highly flexible core material for curved construction elements. Very tight radii can be achieved with only one core layer and two thin cover layers; but even thicker or multi-layer curved elements can be realized in a very short time. The ability of using existing tools, joining and adhesion techniques commonly used in wood processing is impressive, as is the light weight and the environmental compatibility of BANOVA® FLEX.


Anything is possible.

BANOVA® FLEX fulfills the requirements of various markets: 

  • Furniture construction 
  • Interior finishing for vehicles, yachts and boats 
  • Trade fair and store furnishings 

BANOVA® FLEX can be produced to fulfill various properties, and thus its application is nearly unlimited: 

  • Ultra-light, stackable furniture 
  • Rounded furniture components or ceiling elements 
  • Decorative covers
  • Organically formed interior finishing

...nearly anything is possible


> Motorhome FRANKIA Selection T72 FD-L with BANOVA®


The use of BANOVA® FLEX generates a reduction in weight of 50-60% with unvarying properties in use. This improves the benefits for customers in various ways:

  • Improve efficiency due to lower operating costs and increased load capacity in vehicles
  • Easy to handle in production and logistics
  • Large-scale components that are low in weight
  • Easy processing to smooth and uniform shapes down to 80mm radius


Easy processing

BANOVA® FLEX is a solid wood material; processing does not require special machines or tools as is the case with other lightweight composites. The standard thickness of 10 mm allows fast construction of the desired panel thickness with fewer layers and thus less adhesive and less work in general.



  • No investments for new tools and machines
  • Existing know-how and existing work processes can still be used
  • Up to 30% faster processing (e.g. laser cutting or CNC milling)
  • Panels can be pressed with less resistance and show minimal memory effect

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